Made with French natural butter and fine sesame, the texture of the butter is smooth and the fragrance is fresh. The pastry is made by the ingenuity. After double baking, the appearance is full and shiny, and the taste is crisp and crisp.

Hot Pick – Crispy ‘honeycomb’ Egg Roll

It is made from natural ingredients such as French natural butter and fresh eggs from Hubei. In addition, fresh ginger juice, Sakura shrimp, and Musang King durian are added to produce a delicious egg roll series.


Unlike traditional egg rolls, Crispy ‘honeycomb’ Egg Roll are more technically demanding. We use traditional methods to study dozens of complicated processes; repeatedly adjust the formula more than 50 times, insist on not adding any artificial colors, chemical additives; It has a honeycomb-like effect, and the taste is more crisp and rich in layers. In the size of the egg roll, we also spent a lot of adjustments, so that the diners will not smash when they taste.