Tonggwoji, originated from the imperial cakes of the Tang Dynasty, with bright colors, implying glory and nobility;

Sweet red bean paste is used as the filling, which means sweet love and happiness.

Each piece is a sincere blessing for the new couple and for a gift that they will love and look no further than our collection of wedding gifts to celebrate your special day.

Imperial Patisserie Wedding Series

– Limited Time Promotion  –

For purchase of 50pcs of Wedding Vouchers/ 50 boxes of Wedding Favors or more 

1) Buy Vouchers Get Wedding Favors Free*
– Buy “Delightful Voucher” x 1 -> Wedding Favor x 1 box free
– Buy “Golden/Imperial Voucher” x 1 -> Wedding Favors x 2 boxes free
*for purchase of 50 pcs Wedding Vouchers or more

2) Wedding Vouchers Discount

50-99pcs 100-199pcs 200pcs or more
5%off 10%off 15%off

The wedding pastry are full of colorful and fresh materials, implying prestige and magnificence.

Coupled with high-quality materials, craftsmen make meticulously,

different pastry convey the message of happiness and let love spread in the pastry.


The elegant and stylish design, pairs of goldfish, swans and peacocks,

leaning against each other, exuding an elegant posture with gestures, just like the shadows of beautiful couples,

interpret eternal love, deeply and moving.


Imperial Wedding collection will be a delightful surprise on your wedding day.

Delightful Wedding Box $88
Tonggwoji x1pc (Red Bean)
Crisps x16pcs (Lemon+Earl Grey)

Golden Wedding Box $138
Palmiers x8pcs (Original+Earl Grey)
Tonggwoji x2pcs (Red Bean+Yuzu)

Imperial Wedding Box $198
Palmiers x8pcs (Original+Earl Grey)
Tonggwoji x2pcs (Red Bean+Yuzu)
Crispy Cookies x6pcs (Coconut+Seaweed)

*The voucher entitles the bearer to redeem the designated wedding box or another merchandise of the same original price. (Excluding Mooncake Products) 
*The voucher is valid for 3 years starting from purchase date.

Wedding Favors $38

Tins: Palmiers/Tonggwoji/Crispy Cookies
Paper Boxes : Tonggwoji/Crispy Cookies

Product Types(Choose either one flavor):
– Palmiers (4pcs/1tin) :
1) Original / 2) Sesame / 3) Earl Grey /
4) Coconut / 5) Seaweed 

– Tonggwoji (1pc/1box) :
Red Bean / 2) Yuzu / 3) Coconut /
4) Ginger / 5) Sesame 

– Crispy Cookies (4pcs/1box) :
1) Butter + Hazelnut / 2) Seaweed + Coconut /
3) Butter + Hazelnut + Seaweed + Coconut

Wedding Favors Discount

50-99 Boxes 5% off
100-199 Boxes 10% off
200 Boxes or more 15% off


*Personalized name-printing on wedding favor boxes will be provided for free.

*Minimum quantities of wedding favors in one order: 50 boxes

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