With proud roots in Hong Kong, Imperial Patisserie has been dedicated to inherit splendid Chinese pastry. Our products bridge Chinese heritage and creative presence, delivering an exceptional quality of Chinese Pastry and authentic 100% Made in Hong Kong experience.

Master Chef Yip Wing Wah, the founder of Egg Custard Mooncake in Hong Kong and Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, a Michelin 2 Starred Chef and the only inheritor of Chef Yip Wing Wah, have meticulously prepared a variety of irresistible confectionery gifts, featuring our signature Michelin Palmiers, Tonggwoji, Mooncakes, Eggrolls and Crispy Cookies ,etc.

In 2019, Imperial Lava Mooncake has won the world’s highest award – the Grand Gold in Monde Selection. For the first time in the past 59 years, the first mooncake has ever won this highest honor and we are also honored to receive this recognition for a fourth consecutive year. 

In 2022, our pastries has won The Three Stars AA Taste Awards, which gives recognition to the quality and taste of our pastries.

Our Vison:


  • Prestige
  • Inheritance
  • Craftsmanship
  • Product of Hong Kong
  • Exceed Expectations

Imperial Patisserie reflects the best combination of exquisite traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, creating a sensational Mooncake series and a variety of pastry series with special favors, such as Michelin Palmiers, Tonggwoji, Eggrolls and Cookies series.

Imperial Patisserie has meticulously handpicked a host of fresh ingredients to craft the concept of our brand in an innovative manner entitled as “FRESH AND VERY HONG KONG”. A.A. Taste Awards aims to commend those who use less or even exclude artificial food additives and dedicate to providing products and dishes with great flavor.

We have collaborated with Master Chef Yip Wing Wah who has been the Manager in charge of the Dim Sum Section of Spring Moon of The Peninsula Hotel and the founder of Egg Custard Mooncake in Hong Kong aiming to innovate our pastry collection with prevision and delicacy.


Imperial Patisserie envisions to ace the food industry through providing exceptional quality of food, hiring dedicated craftsmanship
and ensuring the provision of impeccable services for the discerning gourmands.

We spent a lot of effort to create exquisite and versatile packaging from improving and renewing our product designs from time to time.


Mooncake gift box and jewelry treasure box