New Year Gift Boxes 2023

Imperial Patisserie presents you with an array of New Year Gift Boxes with exquisite packaging design and quality pastry products, for you to celebrate with your friends and family. The 2023 limited edition of New Year Gift Box features Golden Puffs, with fresh salted egg yolks embedded within the layers of puff.

New Year Puddings 

The acclaimed Golden Puddings and Brown Sugar Puddings, with rich aromatic flavour of rice, are meticulously hand crafted by Master Chef Yip Wing Wah and Michelin-starred Chef Lai Wing Koon.

Imperial Supreme New Year Gift Box

A brand new gift box, designed with new year candy tray concept, contains various kinds and flavours of our signature pastry products. Giving Imperial Supreme New Year Gift Box to your loved ones would definitely be the ideal way to wish them a happy and prosperous New Year.


New Year Hampers

Imperial Patisserie presents you with three Special Edition New Year Hampers, exquisitely packed with the Imperial Shopping Bag and various Pastries products, Imperial Red Packet with Imperial Clutch Bag, Rabbit Doll, Champagne…just to name a few.