An array of limited New Year Gift Boxes are launched this CNY.
Rich combinations with various types of our signature pastries and seasonal pastry products like Golden Puffs.
The exquisite and festive design makes the combo gift box a decent gift choice for your friends and family.

CNY 經典 (with package)
CNY 品味 (with package)
CNY 金裝 (with package)
CNY 特級 (with package)

Our brand new Chinese New Year pudding gift boxes are meticulously prepared by Master Chef Yip Wing Wah and Master Chef Lai Wing Koon.

Brown Sugar Pudding, which is also known as “Nin Gou” (年糕), is soft, sticky and chewy in texture.
For something savory and beyond traditional,
you might also like to try our new Golden Pudding which is well-balanced in sweetness and concentration of salted eggs.
We wish you happiness and prosperity in up-coming year!

年糕禮盒(S)(with package)
黃金糕禮盒(S)(with package)

A brand new gift box, designed with new year candy tray concept, contains various kinds and flavors of our signature pastry products.
Giving Imperial Supreme New Year Gift Box to your loved ones would definitely be the ideal way to wish them a happy and prosperous New Year.

CNY 豐盛皇至尊(S)-resize

CNY hamper series from Imperial Patisserie, featuring different combinations of pastry and seasonal gift boxes
together with Imperial Patisserie tote bag, Rabbit Doll and Champagne,
would definitely be a good choice for giveaway to your family and business partners.

premium CNY hamper
golden CNY hamper
classic CNY hamper